Dre Hilton is a Singer, Performer, Motivational Speaker & TV Show Host. He travels across the country delivering a positive message to people of all ages telling them to “Dream Big”. Dre is known for his high energy presence on stage and on camera. In 2014 Dre Hilton started a career in children's music with a release of a song called “Yes I Can Can”. The song and music video went around the world which led him to travel to schools,churches & other youth organizations with a fun filled stage show for children. 

Dre is now on a mission to change the world through his message and music. His new album titled “Change the World” is filled with innovative music that deals with issues that people all over the world are facing. The goal of this project is to put a spark into the mind of people, reminding them that we all can make a difference. “Lets Unite” says Dre. 

Dre's music caught the attention of "The Recording Academy" mostly known as The Grammy's. He is now apart of The Grammy Association and earned an appearance and interview on the red carpet in 2018. Also in this same year, He was presented with the "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr" award by the city of St. Louis for his music and message.